HealthChange Associates contact for workshops in NSW, ACT & QLD

Angela Kinsella-Ritter (Speech-Language Pathologist and Licensed HealthChange® Associate) is licensed to deliver HealthChange® Methodology (HCM) training modules in NSW, ACT and QLD.

The flexible training formats provide professional development opportunities that release clinical staff for shorter periods of time. After-training support helps staff effectively adopt HealthChange® Methodology (HCM) in their daily clinical work. This implementation support allows for more efficient work practices, improved patient/client engagement and experience; and overall enhanced work satisfaction for the clinical teams and their managers.

Contact Angela on or 0481 385 005 (NSW, ACT and QLD-based organisations).

Organisations that are nationally based, are considering a HealthChange® Train the Trainer program or have large implementation projects should contact Janette Gale on or contact the HealthChange office via