Consultancy and Capacity Building Services

HealthChange Australia works with health service managers and project managers to integrate person-centred care including self-management or behaviour change support into service delivery in two ways:

  1. To adapt or redevelop existing clinical, educational and other health services, or
  2. To create new and innovative best practice services and health interventions.

A Collaborative Approach

If you are a project manager or team manager responsible for either of these complex activities, our aim is to assist and support you to do the tasks you need to do to be successful. We can provide you with recommendations and tools and support you via face-to-face meetings, telephone discussions and e-mail. Contact us to discuss our range of consulting and customisation services designed to make your job easier.

Program design or redesign support

  • Support for project managers with implementation planning for adaptation or redevelopment of existing health services
  • Recommendations for program design for new health services or research projects
  • Recommendations for program or service evaluation
  • Program audits to identify opportunities for improving person-centred service delivery and self-management or behaviour change support in existing health services
  • Customisation of generic HealthChange® Methodology processes, documentation and tools to integrate with existing service delivery micro processes and documentation
  • Quality assurance and quality auditing tools: self-reflection tools, task audit tools and client surveys
  • Scripting audits and recommendations for telephone-delivered interventions
  • Provision of content for consumer educational literature and tools

Staff change management, training and sustainability support

  • Assistance with stakeholder engagement and communications
  • Guidance and assistance with staff practice change and culture change to embed person-centred processes and attitudes
  • Managers’ presentation and forum for health service line managers
  • Customised training for health service frontline staff using the organisation’s adapted processes
  • Skills development resources and processes for frontline staff
  • Mentoring and support for key practice leaders

Any or all of the above services can be included in our Integration Support package. This package is ideal for organisations intending to adopt HealthChange® Methodology as the basis of their person-centred health service delivery. Contact us to discuss your needs.