HealthChange® Online: Online Learning Environment

HealthChange® Online is an interactive web-based learning environment that contains written chapters, graphics and more than 30 videos that help health service providers to learn, understand and reflect on the various components of HealthChange® Methodology. The topics covered in HealthChange® Online include all of the videos and content presented in our face to face Core Training workshops plus additional client demonstration videos, case studies and exercises that help to bring HealthChange® Methodology alive.

HealthChange® Online is ideal for people who have attended a HealthChange workshop and wish to deepen their understanding and hone their skills in using the methodology in their own clinical practice or other health service delivery role. It can also be useful for people who are unable to attend our face to face workshops and are self-motivated to work through the suite of learning materials in the learning environment. Self-reflection exercises are included as part of these materials.

Access to HealthChange® Online is via 12 month subscription with unlimited access during this time.

HealthChange® Online: Online Learning Environment
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