HealthChange® Integration Support Package

Embedding truly patient-centred care requires practice change for clinicians and other health service providers.

Organisational micro systems need to be realigned to enable this practice change by frontline staff. The shift often requires line management and staff engagement, changes to paperwork and/or other data collection systems, reflection on key performance indicators and allocation of time and human resources to training, skills development, planning and systems integration.

Our Integration Support Package is designed to support project managers and team managers to do this. It provides collaborative input from senior HealthChange® consultants to assist with engaging staff and other stakeholders, adapting tools and documentation and putting processes in place to ensure a good return on investment for training dollar expenditure.

The Integration Support Package helps to translate staff training into ongoing, systematic skills development and sustainable practice change in the workplace. Once these are established, benefits can include increased staff confidence and satisfaction as well as improved organisational culture and increased adherence to evidence-based recommendations leading to better health service consumer outcomes.

This package is flexible and tailored to the needs of the client organisation. It includes change management and program design assistance for senior managers and project managers, a presentation and discussion forum for line managers and various training, sustainability and capacity building options for frontline staff. For more details see the HealthChange® Integration Support Package brochure. Contact us to discuss your organisation’s needs.