Workshop Dates and Registrations

HealthChange® Core Training Workshops Open for Single Registrations

HealthChange Australia runs HealthChange® Core Training open registration workshops for clinicians and other health service providers  periodically in Sydney and Melbourne. Alternatively, we provide in-house training anywhere in Australia or Overseas as required by health services and health service delivery organisations.

Workshop Date/s
Pre-requisite Details and Pricing
Core Training Part 1
Melbourne N/A Click here
Core Training Part 1
26, 27 July 2018
Sydney N/A Click here

About HealthChange® Core Training Part 1 (CT1): HealthChange® Methodology Basics and Decision Framework

The HealthChange® Core Training Part 1 (CT1) 2-day workshop provides skills training for clinicians, case coordinators and other health service providers in how to use the HealthChange® Practice Principles, Essential Behaviour Change Techniques and 10 Step Decision Framework in clinical practice and other frontline health service delivery.

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These workshops are facilitated by highly trained facilitators with clinical backgrounds who contextualise the workshop according to the participants' professional roles and backgrounds so the lessons and skills are relevant and interesting.

Day 1 Content: HealthChange® Methodology Basics: Patient-centred Practice Principles and Essential Behaviour Change Techniques

Day 2 Content: HealthChange® Decision Framework & Format:

The CT1 workshop is delivered using a mix of PowerPoint presentation, discussions with workshop attendees, client cases, videos and practical exercises to teach HealthChange® Methodology. Every participant receives a high quality spiral bound HealthChange® Mini Guide and a workbook with presentation slides and tools as ongoing practice resources.

• 8.30am-5.00pm daily - registration at 8.15am on day one
• 30 participants maximum
• Suitable for all health professionals, case managers and team leaders

About HealthChange® Core Training Part 2 (CT2): Applying HealthChange® Methodology

The HealthChange® Core Training Part 2 (CT2) 1-day workshop builds on CT1 by ensuring clinicians can adapt HealthChange® Methodology to their role and clinical context.

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The CT2 workshop focuses on adaptation and troubleshooting. It reviews the CT1 content in greater depth and with more skills practice around the most critical behaviour change processes. CT2 aims to increase participant confidence and enhance their skills to embed behaviour change support into their clinical practice or case management role. The CT2 also includes content and discussions about how to integrate HealthChange® Methodology into group education programs.

Format: The training format for CT2 is flexible in that it allows participants to clarify principles, processes and techniques and to discuss their strengths and challenges in using HealthChange® Methodology in their work context. It provides participants with the opportunity to tailor the training content to their own needs and draw upon the skills and training of the facilitators in using the methodology.

Pre-requisite: A suggested timeframe for completion of CT2 is around 3-6 months after CT1 to help reinforce and embed the skills so clinicians and case managers can achieve optimal results in their own practice settings.

• 8.30am-5.00pm daily with registration commencing at 8.15am
• 30 participants maximum.