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Bridging the gap from theory to practice in providing behaviour change support

HealthChange Australia's HealthChange® Methodology 

HealthChange® Methodology enables health service providers to embed client-centred care that promotes adherence to best practice treatment guidelines in their clinical consultations, patient education programs, primary care, community care, acute care and other face-to-face and telephone based health service delivery.

HealthChange® Methodology provides a clinical practice decision framework that enables health service providers to systematically and consistently support client health literacy and adherence to evidence-based referral and treatment recommendations as well as healthy lifestyle advice where appropriate. 

It provides clinicians and organisations with an evidence-informed health behaviour change clinical pathway to complement usual clinical pathways for the prevention and treatment of chronic disease and rehabilitation from injury or illness.

A Behaviour Change Clinical Pathway

HealthChange® Methodology is not simply used to support lifestyle change. The purpose of the approach is to increase the likelihood that clients will act in accordance with referral, lifestyle and treatment recommendations appropriate to their health conditions and risk factors. It does this in a way that balances clinical duty of care with  consumers' rights to make fully-informed decisions about their health.


HealthChange® Methodology is comprised of an integrated suite of tools and a decision support framework to help clinicians and other service providers to work more effectively and efficiently with health consumers. 

1. A set of clearly defined Client-Centred Practice Principles: to operationalise person-centred care and communication and make these measurable.

2. A function way of thinking about barriers to action and facilitators for change: to enable health service providers to recognise and understand the most common types of barriers to engaging in treatment recommendations.

3. A set of Essential Behaviour Change Techniques: to identify and address potential barriers to action when they are present.

4. A 10 Step Decision Framework to guide health service providers: to know when and why a patient or client is unlikely to adhere to recommendations and to apply the appropriate principles and techniques to help them to understand their conditions and treatment options; identify personal motivators; make fully-informed decisions; take actions, and self-regulate for improved outcomes.

5. A set of skills development, quality assurance and capacity building tools and mechanisms: for frontline staff and organisations to assist, measure and track staff transfer of training into practice and to capture client behaviour change data for correlation with clinical outcomes.

HealthChange® Methodology is comprised of an integrated suite of tools and a decision support framework to help clinicians and other service providers to work more effectively and efficiently with health consumers.

Theoretical Foundations

The model draws from similar principles and techniques to those used in motivational interviewing, solution-focused coaching and cognitive behavioural therapy. However, it differs from these approaches in that it builds on all of these skill sets and provides an overarching framework for the integration of these approaches and others into specific clinical or health promotion programs. HealthChange® Methodology integrates numerous models and theoretical concepts from the evidence-based health behaviour change literature. It bridges the gap between behaviour change theory and practice in the domain of health service provision. Contact us for more information about the theory base.

In conjunction with its theoretical model and skills training, Health Change Australia provides skills development, quality assurance and capacity building tools and mechanisms for clinicians and health services to assist, measure and track transfer of behaviour change support skills from training into practice. A more detailed description of HealthChange® Methodology is provided in Section 1 of the HealthChange® Australia Practitioner's Guide: A Practical Guide to Client-centred Behaviour Change Support Using HealthChange® Methodology.

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