Core Training Options

The HealthChange® Core Training suite has separate workshops for frontline service providers and managers:

Core Training for clinicians, case managers and other frontline staff:

  1. Core Training Part 1 (2-day workshop): HealthChange® Methodology Basics and Decision Framework
  2. Core Training Part 2 (1-day workshop): Applying HealthChange® Methodology

Core Training for health service managers:

  1. Managers' Presentation and Forum (half-day workshop): Implementing HealthChange® Methodology in Clinical Practice and Health Services

For information about Core Training workshop content and format, download our Core Training brochure.
For information about the nature and purpose of HealthChange® Methodology, see About HealthChange® Methodology or watch short videos in our Video Library.

Open registration workshops for individuals or small groups

HealthChange Australia periodically runs open registration Core Training Part 1 workshops for individual or small group attendance in Sydney and Melbourne. These workshops are ideal for attendance by independent practitioners or for top up training for health service staff members whose organisations have previously run HealthChange® workshops in-house. For dates and location details, see Workshop Dates and Registrations.

Training options for organisations or large groups

Most of HealthChange Australia’s training is run in-house for organisations with larger groups of staff to train. In-house training provides a cost effective alternative to sending staff to external workshops in Sydney and Melbourne. In addition to the Core Training Parts 1 and 2 and Core Training for Managers options, there are a number of other training options available to organisations.

HealthChange® Online: Online learning environment

HealthChange does not currently offer structured online courses. However, it does offer an online learning environment that contains all of the teaching content delivered in our face to face Core Training Part 1 workshops, plus many additional videos and other content. HealthChange® Online is ideal to use as a continued learning tool following attendance at a Core Training workshop. Alternatively, for individuals that are self-motivated and unable to attend our face to face workshops, HealthChange® Online is the next best option.