What is involved in a HealthChange® Core Training Part 1 workshop?

The workshop combines presentations, discussion, client cases, videos and practical activities that develop skills in each of the training components of HealthChange® Methodology. These include:

  • Fundamental principles of health behaviour change
  • Theoretical foundations of health coaching
  • Understanding and addressing barriers to change
  • Essentials of motivational interviewing and solution-focused coaching
  • Agenda setting using a readiness to change framework
  • Working with low readiness to change
  • Identifying and addressing behavioural and situational barriers to change.
  • Identifying and addressing cognitive barriers to health behaviour change (beliefs, attitudes, expectations, thoughts) and enhancing motivation for change
  • Identifying emotional barriers to change, brief interventions to manage emotions and mood, and referral issues
  • Setting effective goals, including Goal Hierarchies, Goal Setting ‘dos and don’ts’, Goal Striving, Action Planning, Contingency Planning and Relapse Prevention
  • Transferring behaviour change practice into the workplace


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