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HealthChange® resources are created by practitioners, for practitioners.

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(+61) 2 4422 9980   


3/390 Princes Highway, Bomaderry NSW 2541

PO Box 6890, Kangaroo Valley NSW 2577

ACN: 153 842 249


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 Frequently Asked QuestionCategory
1Are there any copyright restrictions on using HealthChange Australia resources available on the website?Multiple
2Can I claim continuing professional development (CPD) points for HealthChange Australia workshops?Multiple
3Can I get health coaching insurance?Customers
4Can I use HealthChange® Methodology in telephone interviewing?Multiple
5How can I use HealthChange® Methodology in my practice?Multiple
6I already use the Flinders / Stanford model in my workplace, does HealthChange® Methodology complement it?Products
7I can't afford to take two days out of my practice to attend HealthChange® Core Training Part 1. Are there any other ways I can get an understanding of HealthChange® Methodology?No Category
8I have completed a two-day HealthChange® Core Training Part 1 workshop. Is there any further skills development I can do?Skills Development
9My organisation is in South Australia / Western Australia / Northern Territory. Can you come and run a workshop here?Multiple
10Once I have completed HealthChange® Core Training can I train other people in my organisation?Skills Development
11There are a number of people in my organisation interested in attending a workshop. Would you be able to run a dedicated workshop for us?Multiple
12What is HealthChange® Methodology and why might I use it?Products
13What is involved in a HealthChange® Core Training Part 1 workshop?Products
14When would I use HealthChange® Methodology?Products
15Who is the two-day HealthChange® Core Training Part 1 workshop suitable for?Products


Click down on the following section headings to access downloadable relevant files.

RICk's Travel Pictures

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        Warwick Castle   Stonehenge    France   Rockies
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1. General Admin Files

Organisational Chart (PD to finalise)
Workshop Forecast List (28Jul14 xls)    
Staff Contact List (10Jul14 pdf)     
HealthChange Australia Product Names (15Jul14 pdf)  - INTERNAL USE ONLY    
Workshop Brief De-brief Template (14Mar14 xls)     
Presentation Brief De-brief Template (14May13 xls)     
Generic Workshop Evaluation (26Mar14 doc) - use for Introduction workshops & CTMs    
Practitioners Audio & Document Release Form (21Jan14 doc)  

Practitioners Video Release Form (21Jan14 doc)

2. 'How to' Guides

3. General Background Reading

4. CT1 Only Files

Workshop Presentation Files (PowerPoint) 

Workshop Supporting Documents

Workshop Handouts
  • CT1 Participant Handout (05Nov14 pdf)  - consists of Typical Client Profile, PPET, PSMP, Goal & Action Plan and DF Skills Audit Form

 Participant Workshop Preparation
Other Documents

5. CT2 Only Files

Workshop Presentation Files (PowerPoint) 
Workshop Supporting Documents
Workshop Handouts
 Participant Workshop Preparation
  • Bring a Case (requires re-write - CB)
Other Documents


6. Facilitator Manual - Operations


1. Administrative Information for Facilitators
    1.1 Dress Code (8Jan14 pdf)
    1.2 IT Essentials Checklist  (8Jan14 doc)
    1.3 Clarification of Roles  PENDING - CB

    1.4 Performance Review (8Jan14 doc) 
2. Workshop Preparation
    2.1 Workshop set-up instructions (8Jan14 pdf)
    2.2 Co-Facilitator workshop duties checklist  (24Jan14 doc)  
    2.3 P-Facilitator workshop duties checklist (24Jan14 doc)
3. Workshop Content and Operations
    3.1 Facilitator Background Knowledge (8Jan14 pdf)
    3.2 Facilitation Tips for workshop (8Jan14 pdf)
    3.3 Application for HCA Approach to delivery PENDING/CB tbc if still relevant
4. Facilitation De-briefing
    4.1 Facilitator's debrief Co-Facilitator (8Jan14 doc)
    4.2 Facilitator's debrief P-Facilitator (8Jan14 doc)
    4.3 Instructions for debriefing and audio-taping  (8Jan14 pdf)

7. Facilitator Manual - Administration

1. Administrative Information for HealthChange Australia Facilitators


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