Health Services and Program Managers

HealthChange Australia collaborates with health services and program managers by offering solutions that assist with program design and evaluation as well as staff training, mentoring and quality assurance

We provide a flexible and adaptable frontline service delivery model that integrate person-centred care and self-management or behaviour change support into the following health service delivery types:

  1. Clinical service delivery for allied health, nursing and medical professionals
  2. Care planning and care coordination consultations and services
  3. Chronic disease management programs
  4. Health coaching and lifestyle behaviour change programs
  5. Telephonic service delivery
  6. Face to face service delivery
  7. Group education programs

Person-centred care is a concept that receives much attention in health policy. However, very few organisations have effective strategies to translate this policy into action within their systems and frontline workforce.        

HealthChange® Methodology operationalises and embeds a person-centred approach into health service delivery in a concrete, systematic and measurable way. It promotes shared decision-making, health literacy, behaviour change and self-management support. It provides a consistent platform for actioning national standards in this area across agencies, sectors, programs and professions.

The methodology is not just for use with patients, clients or other health service consumers.

Levels of applicability of HealthChange® methodology:


For frontline staff training services see Core Training Options and Additional Training Options for Organisations

Embedding truly patient-centred care requires practice change for clinicians and other health service providers. Organisational micro systems need to be realigned to enable this practice change by frontline staff. The shift often requires changes to paperwork and/or other data collection systems, reflection on key performance indicators and allocation of time and human resources to training, skills development, planning and systems integration.

HealthChange has a number of options to assist in-house capacity building and sustainability. See Consultancy and Capacity Building Services and HealthChange® Integration Support Package for more information.

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