Skills Development Resources

Develop your person-centred service delivery skills and watch your work satisfaction and client or patient outcomes improve as your skills do.Our skills development tools help you to apply HealthChange® Practice Principles, Essential Techniques and Decision Framework in your daily work in a conscious and systematic way so that over time they will all become second nature to you.

Fast track skills development to get the benefits sooner!

The most powerful thing that you can do to know where your skill level is now and track your development over time is to audio record some consultations or conversations and do a self-audit of your skills using our PPET and DF skills audit tools (see below to download).

The benefits of listening to audio recorded client sessions (from a Victorian physiotherapist)

'Since I have started to record my sessions I have found that I am more confident in being able to work through the process. I have found it invaluable to listen back to the session to prepare for the next, I sometimes realise that I need to go back to an issue or step that was not covered adequately. It allows me to hear the client again and often I will pick up on the barriers more clearly so they can be addressed at the next session. Recording seems to help the client focus as well, it seems to control the story-telling. This may be as I am now watching for it and also watching the time because it does help to keep you to time. I thoroughly recommend having a go at recording your sessions, you can only benefit from the experience.’

Skills Development Tools for Downloading

Australian Version
English Canadian Version
Skills Development Tools

HealthChange® Skills Confidence Questionnaire: to track your confidence in using HealthChange® Methodology over time
HealthChange® Practice Principles and Essential Techniques (PPET) Skills Audit Form: to self-appraise your use of the Practice Principles and Essential Techniques. 
HealthChange® Decision Framework (DF) Skills Audit Form: to self-appraise your use of the Decision Framework processes
HealthChange® Skills Self-Appraisal Form: to consider and summarise your current strengths and challenges
 PDF  PDF | Word 
HealthChange® Professional Development Personal Goal and Action Plan Form: to formally plan your professional development goals and actions  PDF  PDF
HealthChange® Methodology Review Questions: to revise what you have learned about HealthChange® Methodology
 Word  PDF | Word 
HealthChange® Client Case Study Questions: to compile and consider a client or patient case and to share with other clinicians in the HealthChange® Website Resource Library if you send a copy to  Word  PDF | Word
Profession-specific case studies contributed by clinicians and other health service providers. Our readers would love to see your contributions too – and they don’t have to be perfect! Click here to view cases.   Link  Link