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Who we are and what we do

HealthChange Australia is a niche consulting and training organisation and a thought leader in the area of embedding person-centred behaviour change and self-management support into health service delivery.

Its unique methodology improves health service delivery for increased adherence to evidence-based treatment and lifestyle recommendations leading to better patient outcomes. The methodology is particularly well suited to clinical consultations, care planning, care coordination and patient education and rehabilitation programs. It is also used as the basis for telephone-based disease management programs and for population health promotion interventions such as telephonic health coaching.

Our consulting services have supported dozens of community health programs and government, NGO and corporate health services to embed person-centred health behaviour change support in their service delivery in Australia and Canada. Over the last 10 years more than 8,000 clinicians and other health service providers have attended HealthChange® Methodology Core Training workshops.

HealthChange Australia is committed to delivering the highest quality consulting and training services within our area of expertise. All of our consultants and training facilitators are qualified health professionals and specialists in HealthChange® Methodology.  

Latest News

HealthChange® Methodology continues to develop. The numbering in the 10 Step Decision Framework has been updated to split Step 1 into two separate steps. This change provides more emphasis on identifying and summarising clinical issues for patients prior to providing recommendations and assessment about what to do to manage the clinical issues. Click here to see the new HealthChange® 10 Step Decision Framework.