Agency for Clinical Innovation

Changing practice to improve the outcomes of self-management programs

How the ACI uses HeathChange® Methodology(HCM):

Since 2013, ACI has sponsored over 300 clinicians across NSW, who work in their main programs, to attend HCM courses. These are:

  • Osteoarthritis Chronic Care Program (OACCP),
  • Osteoporotic Refracture Prevention (ORP) services
  • Management of Acute Low Back Pain


The Osteoarthritis Chronic Care Program (OACCP) compared their results to the previous year after implementation of HCM:

  • Improved ability of patients to self-management: Surgical deferrals due to poor self-management reduced from 51% to 34%
  • Reduced cardiac-related deferrals due to poor self-management alone declined from 29% to 10%
  • High levels of patient engagement: Telephonic follow up with patients showed high levels of engagement and continued effective self-management, many avoiding surgery altogether

Network Manager, Robyn Speerin (2017) has “seen a significant change of attitude and practice that moved from clinician-led decision-making regarding a person’s care plan to a collaborative decision-making with a clear focus on the person’s daily activities.

The network can now demonstrate how they implement key elements of the Chronic Disease Model of Care and show how they focus on people as partners.

Osteoarthritis program
of patients avoided surgery

Watch this 12 minute conference presentation presenting the impact and results for organisations, clinicians and patients when HCM is embedded into health services and professional development training.