You are welcome to complete HealthChange® Methodology (HCM) courses as an individual or as part of your organisation.

With cost-effective and flexible HealthChange Methodology course packages, we make it simple to develop critical clinician skills and systems that will flow through to meaningful and manageable changes in clinical practice. Start with short skills courses for your staff or commit to longer-term packages that support practice change more systematically over time.

Courses for Organisations

HealthChange Methodology: Patient Engagement Skills

HealthChange Methodology: Essential Toolkit

HealthChange Methodology Complete Suite: Essential Toolkit and Workplace Application

Courses for Clinicians

HealthChange Methodology: Essential Toolkit

HealthChange Methodology: Workplace Application

Support Options

Practice change support options

'I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.' Confucius

While many clinicians report immediately starting to use aspects of HCM in their daily work, we know that significant and sustained clinical practice change will only happen over time and with ongoing support in the workplace environment.

Licensed HealthChange Associates can work with your organisation to embed HealthChange Methodology into your work practices and quality processes. Contact us if you would like to find out more about:

  • post training, 1-hour in-service sessions that can be delivered via teleconference
  • manager support or staff mentoring, 1-hour sessions delivered via teleconference
  • train-the-trainer options for large organisations (50+ staff) to enable in-house delivery of HCM courses by a small training team of two or more in-house trainers
  • consultancy work to adapt or redevelop existing clinical, educational and other health service delivery programs
  • how HCM can be used in research or quality improvement projects.