Alberta Health Services

Consistent service delivery for programs and large Health Services

HealthChange Associates have worked in partnership with AHS to:

  • Deliver two Train the Trainer programs so HCM courses can be offered in-house
  • Train and mentor two HealthChange® Master Trainers to drive implementation and organisational change
  • Re-design numerous services. Assisting with changes to intake processes, care planning, documentation and electronic medical records, and evaluation.


The Canadian HealthChange Team have trained over 8,000 clinicians since 2013 and worked on numerous implementation projects over the last 8 years. These have been across a variety of areas: Community Rehabilitation, Primary Case Networks and Family Care Clinics, Chronic Pain and Bariatric programs, as well as Healthy Living and Falls Prevention programs.

The Wood Buffalo Primary Care Network Executive Director described the impact as:

     It is now “the way we do business”. From the moment someone walks in the door until they evaluate the program.  All areas are involved: intake, care planning, documentation, and evaluation.

One Canadian HealthChange® Trainer reported:

    “Now my patients will benefit from my expanded practise of being consistent and systematic, for more predictable outcomes.”

Health Professionals trained in HCM